Show #24 – Intro, Girl’s Night Out Banter, Sadie & Sophie #8 (aka Arnie Rosenberg), Anger Room, Outtakes.

Listen to the Babes!

Show #25 – Intro, Deli in the Desert Banter, Bobby Tucker (Peanut Butter Lover’s Month), Vanity Plates, Outtakes.

Show #26 – Intro, Uber Eats, 47 Years Later #3 (aka - Cars, Gasoline & TV), Lottery Banter, Outtakes.

Show #27 – Intro, Goat Beauty Contest, Rainbow & Sprinkles #5 (aka The Dream), 200 lbs, You Found a Friend.

Show #28 – Intro, Unusual Foods Banter, Sadie & Sophie #9 (aka The Kiss), 2nd Home Banter, Jokes.

Show #29 - Intro, Home Remedies, Sorry #3,  (Planet Fitness), Marrakesh, Outtakes.

Show #30 - Intro, Jokes, Wait 'till Your Father Gets Home, The Land of Merryweather, Uber Chopper.

Show #31 - Intro, Drug Side Effects, Sadie & Sophie #10 (aka The Gift), Cloned Monkeys, Outtakes.

Show #32 - How Much Would You Pay, Chicago Italian Day, Most Likely to?, Jokes, Outtakes.

Show #33 – Intro, All About swearing, Space Women #1 (When They Met), Are You Kidding Me, Outtakes.

Show #34 - Intro, Reincarnation, My New Car, Whole Food, Outtakes.

Show #35 – Intro, Curling at the Olympics, Rainbow & Sprinkles #6 (Wake Up!), Ice Skating, How crazy are the Babes off mic?

Show #36 – Intro, Movie Banter, 47 Years #4 (Janice’s Bedroom), Attack of the Killer Donuts Banter, Outtakes.

Show #37 – Intro, WWDBTV with Rikki Cheese, Space Women #2 (Why Choose Us?), Grocery Store Contests, Outtakes.

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Show #38 – Napersize, Sadie & Sophie #11 (aka The Trouble With Morty), You Know You’re Getting Older When, Outtakes.

Show #39 – Intro, Unicorns & Toilet Paper, 47 Years Later, Betty Davis, old at 42?

Show #40 – Intro, Frankie & Myrtle, Golden Knights, Carol Takes a Trip, Grey Hair, Outtakes.

Show #41 – Intro, How Tired Am I, The Dough Family, Most Impulsive Thing You’ve Ever Done, Outtakes.

Show #42 – Intro, Mother’s Day, Rainbow & Sprinkles #7 (aka-Surprise Delivery), More About Mother’s Day, Outtakes.

Show #43 – Intro, Decorating, Sadie & Sophie #12 (aka Manapause), What Makes Me Happy, Outtakes.

Show #44 – Intro, Chicken Boy, 47 Years Later (aka The Makeover), Window Seat.

Show #45 – Intro, Lost Tribes, Sorry #4 (aka Meet Alexa), Bathing Suits, Outtakes.

Show #46 – Intro, Communication, Sadie & Sophie #13 (aka Special Cookies), Pot, Outtakes.

Show #47 – Intro, Grow Your Own Bachelor, Animal Stories, My Kryptonite.

Show #48 – Intro, Saltwater Brewery, The Brooke Stream Show, The Wedding Thing, Outtakes.

Show #49 – Intro, Old Enough to do it, Rainbow & Sprinkles #8 (aka Stressed Out), Drones Replacing Models.