Show #1:  Intro, 47 Years Later, Babes in a barrel, Ask about Rodney

Listen to the Babes!

Show #4: - Intro, Back Yard Bar-B-Que, Talk About Fashions, Rise of the Tuxedoed Titans.

Show #2 – Intro, Gum, Our Cool Lives, Bath Safety Month, Pet Dental Month.

Show #3:   Intro, Time to Get Your Hearing Tested, What About Phones, These are the Days of Our Little Piggies.

Show #5: - Intro, What Did You Do Today, Thoughts in Living Color, What to do This Summer, Christmas in July.

Show #6 - Intro, What’s in Your Garage, Joe & Frank Clean the Garage, Caffeine Awareness Month, What do we Drink?

Show #8 – Intro, Sadie & Sophie #1, What about texting?, Color Therapy Month.

Show #7 – Intro, Kidney Stones and the Indian Wedding, 47 Years Later – Part 2, Kool Aid Man.

Show #9 – Intro, Have you taken a ride with Uber, Sorry, Goat Yoga, Rainbow & Sprinkles #1, Outtakes.

Show #10 - Intro, National Candy Month, Disgusting Food, Sadie & Sophie #2

Show #11 – Intro, Witch’s Report #1, Boobs in China, Rainbow & Sprinkles #2, Earthquakes.

Show #15 – Intro, Sadie & Sophie #4, What Are Your Thanksgiving Plans, Jackie & & Penny, Weight Loss for the Holidays, Outtakes.

Show #12 - Intro, Witch’s Report #2, Bubbie and Melissa, Memories of Halloween, Rainbow & Sprinkles #3, Diets and more diets.

Show #13 – Intro, Witch’s Report #3, Vacation Time, Sadie & Sophie #3, All Those Decorations, Outtakes.

Show #14 – Intro, Witch’s Report #4, Halloween Candy Discussion, The Heidi Ho Show interviews the Sin City Witches, All About Pumpkins, Lady Stardust.

Show #16 – Intro, Thanksgiving Conference Call, Sorry #2, New vs Old cars, Tycoon’s Request.

Show #17- Intro, Sadie & Sophie #5, Lady Stardust Thanksgiving, Travel & Puppies, Thanksgiving Day.

Show #18 – Intro, The Amazing Cows, Emergency Room, More About Food, I’d Pay Anything.

Show #19 – Intro, Tree - Fake or Real, My Big Brave Cowboy, Christmas Jokes, Injectable Products.

Show #20 – Intro, Hanukkah Banter, Sadie & Sophie #6 (AKA Hanukkah Party), Drake, Christmas Jokes, Bloopers.

Show #21 – Intro, Christmas Movies, Rainbow & Sprinkles #4, Mia & Cami, Hedgehog, Christmas Jokes.

Show #22 – Intro, Christmas With You, Christmas Eve Banter, Reindog, Diana’s Poem, Christmas Jokes, Outtakes.

Show #23 - Intro, New Year’s Eve Banter, Sadie & Sophie #7, The Tesla Test Drive, Outtakes.

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