Diana McClain

Hi there, wonderful listeners.  I’m Diana McClain, the “middle child” of the Babes.  I was born and raised into my early teens in Michigan, then moved to Las Vegas in 1974.

 I’ve pretty much been a ham-bone all my life.  My earliest memories are of putting on shows for my parents and sisters, singing along to Barbra Streisand records.  I sang my way from elementary through high school and even won a vocal scholarship to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.  I also got bit by the acting bug in middle school, performing in dramatic, comedic and musical plays and loving every minute of it.

I grew up, got married and spent a nearly 33-year career with a local utility company, but kept my feet wet and my chops up by doing work as an extra in television series such as “Vegas” in the ‘70’s and “Crime Story” in the 80’s and singing my heart out in my church choir and in a group called Silver State Voices.

After raising four kids and retiring from my day job, I joined an acting troupe and entered the world of performing comedy sketches and hosting/co-hosting live weekly radio broadcasts.  That’s how I met the other Babes.  It was kismet, I tell you!  I also enjoyed the opportunity of a lifetime to co-host a weekly talk-format radio program for nearly a year with famed television director, Don Lewis Barnhart.

And now, here I am with the Babes, creating hilarity in this newest broadcast realm…the Podcast!  We’re so glad you’re tuning in to laugh along with us.