Erica Mayer

It's me, Erica Mayer.  I'm one of the Babes, one of these 4 wacky, opinionated fun loving women who is having a blast in Voiceland.  

I have always made it a point to find the happy, the funny & the passion in everything I do.   My interests are wide and varied and I believe it's how you do it as much as what you do.  In other words, fully commit & be present in each experience in life.  

Some highlights or things I love - my kids, my husband, my dog, laughter, travel, music, creativity, photography, Reiki, cooking & community service.  I am always learning new things & love being a child of the universe.

My latest passion is creating characters for the Babes including the "Sadie & Sophie" and "Rainbow & Sprinkles" series as well as many of our other sketches.  I especially love playing the parts of Sadie and Rainbow.

Thanks for tuning in!